Gemology was the first skincare company in the world to develop a full skin care line based on precious stones, and still today is the only company to have created the innovative method of extracting the purest source of trace elements in liquid form. These trace elements are then infused in the products for maximum benefits to the skin.
Chrystelle Lannoy gemstone enthusiast and beauty expert has had a passion for precious stones her whole life and decided that she wanted to take her years of working in the beauty industry and combine it with her passion for gemstones to create the sophisticated princess for a luxury skincare brand. A new universe was born based on science and efficiency – mineral skincare!

Featured in premium salons and spas worldwide offering both retail products and professional treatments Gemology is one of the fastest-growing international brands stocked in over 35 countries worldwide at exclusive venues. You can now purchase Gemology Cosmetics Paris from The Spa at Hornby. Diane will be available to guide you on the best products to suit you skin.

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